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Junawada was the village around which the town of Bhachau developed. The 750 families of Kolis and Rabaris had integrated with urbanizing Bhachau and continued to work as farmers, animal husbandry and labor. Consequently their living followed the Wada pattern in which a family occupies a large piece of land which the joint family expands around a courtyard. The urbanizing village also had a vathan(cattle square); religious and cultural square and a square for the public amenities like school,aanganvadi etc.   The government articulated a package in which they can be given 50 sqm. land. The design challenge was to develop an urban plan for the 22 ha of land that incorporates the traditional living pattern into the Bhachau town plan. Bhada allocated land to 96 families as per the developed plan and has completed making the main roads along with water supply and sewerage lines. The aanganwadi too has been made.

Care India, the government and the 96 families contributed 75,000 to 1,00,000 rupees each to build their new homes. Hunnarshala developed an incremental design for the community where 4-6 homes can complete around a court. Hunnarshala also developed the project implementation design to ensure that the owners can make their own homes and individual design needs get incorporated into the house plan. Hunnarshala trained a team of artisans to produce earth blocks and cyclone safety hooks for mangalore tiles. Hunnarshala also ensured that quality of construction and safety components are not compromised in this decentralized construction method. This approach resulted in customized designs, larger areas and high owner satisfaction. Each house ranges from 375-600 sqft. the community also ensured that the homes of two persons who were sick and old were also completed. They also got all the 750 families to contribute towards a maintenance fund worth over two lakh rupees.

Hunnarshala provided the following services for the project: Preparation of settlement design; development of house design, adaptations to customize house design to site, budget and individual family needs; design of project implementation along with monitoring systems; training and quality management; social facilitation at the individual family and community; preparing drawings for submission to Authority; finance management.


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