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The aim of the project “ Auroville Solar Kitchen” was to build a demonstration project

  • In the use of SOLAR THERMAL ENERGY in steam generation, this in the case of this steam will be used for cooking meals 3 times a day for about 1000 people.
  • To support the organic farming sector of Auroville and the local villages by being the main purchaser for their products, this can be used for the meals prepared in the kitchen.
  • To provide for the nutritional needs of the present community of Auroville (1700 inhabitants approximately) including the meals at the schools, work places and for special occasions.
  • To be a demonstration project for Appropriate building materials and technology, Solar Passive Architecture and Waste Water Recycling.

The project comprises of 4 distinct sections.

The solar bowl and its technical rooms, the kitchen, storage and the preparation sections, the ancillary rooms like the laundry, gas bottles, electrical and generator rooms and finally the public part of the building which is the dining hall. On the first floor we have a Café and the internet/email facilities.

As the project is more an industrial building in 70% of its functional space and only 30% is public access, the project is located on the “crown” where the development controls demanded a narrow linear plan which was in total contradiction to functional demands of the project, the design challenge was considerable in terms keeping the functionality of different spaces intact.

The building materials are mainly CSEB and ferrocement.


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