[one_half_last][alert-success]Architect: Suhasini Iyer[/alert-success]


Total project layout with 2 phases is designed for a population of 5000 persons or for Auroville 2025 with the Phase 1 comprising of 630 m2 is to house the main library with office for cataloguing / book repairs, including a reference section with reading / workstations


The building envelope design intent is to provide for climatic comfort minimizing the need for climate modulation with electrical / mechanical means (within the constraints of the master plan by-laws)

The building is a framed structure (as per the regulations of town planning office) to accommodate 2 upper stories in one section of the phase 1 part of the complex

All infill walls will be rammed earth and finishing materials will be as far as possible with natural materials (avoidance of industrial products that have high embodied energy)

Courtyards, transitions spaces and semi-covered spaces are design into the functional part of the spaces to allow for multiple user convenience. These open spaces are studied to have shading as per the solar angles / movement.

All trees that have an ecological / aesthetic value on site have been retained from the site planning stage to the building design stage. The rain water is to be diverted to swales that will be to the west of the project in keeping with the slopes of the land.


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