[one_half_last][alert-success]Architect: Suhasini Iyer[/alert-success]

The Kindergarten is for 60-65 children of 3-7 years of age belonging to different nationalities. This is an International township in making in south India with residents from about 30 countries of the world.

The main design guidelines that emerged was: the spaces of the classroom should allow multiple usage pattern as there was to be no teacher-student hierarchy, each class room should link to a central space that would act as a assembly and the circulation space between classrooms, and the third important element was that every space in the complex would physically link to the landscape outside with a layout of rooms around a central space to the scale of a child to lessen the trauma on his/her first experience of spending time away from a non-domestic environment without an intimate adult around. The sizes of the rooms were designed such that it allows the children to use it in a non-structured manner, allowing large or small groups to work. The furniture is all floor seating with cushions and low tables that could be moved around. The pin boards are placed between deep windows that double as seats where 2-3 children can sit, this makes these spaces become spaces of interaction rather than only display.

Built in earth; rammed and CSEB with prefab RCC rafters roofed with Mangalore tiles.


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