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The office building of Hunnarshala is a harmony of natural material and hands of building craftsmen working on this platform to build spaces that are safe, consuming less energy and have an essence of local culture and craft. The design of the workspaces was visualized as separate building blocks situated on both sides of a street. People for different activity are utilizing each of these blocks. It is a platform for students, artisans, artists, architects, engineers etc. who are interested in contributing / learning the sustainable way of designing and building spaces. Each unit has been designed using different combinations of eco-friendly technologies and material. The materials used are stabilized and un-stabilized earth, stone, thatch, stabilized rammed earth, recycled country tile for roofing, CSEB and recycled and waste wood. The eco-friendly building technologies promoted by Hunnarshala Foundation have been developed along with the participation of building artisans who have specialized skills to use specific material. The building artisan community has a rich traditional knowledge. This knowledge is validated by Hunnarshala and then offered to the mainstream market through the artisan entrepreneur groups. The building artisan community has constructed each building unit of the office, which displays their work to the potential clients. In the process, many functional elements were innovated and tested, for e.g. floorboards as intermediate floors made out of waste wood were tested, installed and now being offered to clients. Similarly, other elements have been tested and installed in the building for demonstration. A person visiting Hunnarshala’s office building can see and experience how these eco-friendly materials have been incorporated in a building and how comfortably the spaces are being used for professional work. It becomes easy for a potential client to select the technology for his / her building due to the live experience. Buildings using similar technologies have been made in our country.


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